The Controversies Surrounding Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry offers more than the tangy taste and fruitful aroma. This obviously subject of the year is what’s ‘in’ in the market these days. What do these fruits offer – ketones which are particularly helpful in burning down extra inches off your waist.

Let’s face it; slimming down is one of the major concerns of many consumers worldwide. Clothes may go in and out of style, but thinner waistlines do not.

Some consumers could not comply with the usual ‘sweat-it-all-out’ programs. They would rather entertain options that involve convenient packs and on-the-go packets.

That’s basically one of the reasons why raspberry ketones earned so much fame in a short period of time. Not only did it became a breakthrough in alternative medicine; anecdotal reports hold truths to the claims it promises.

The limelight raspberry ketones enjoy at this point in time is questioned. Is it the real deal? Is it the new ‘miracle in a bottle’? Is it just another marketing strategy to increase demand for organic ways to lose weight? Does it really matter for you to care?

The Existence

Raspberry ketonesRaspberry ketones do exist. These are aromatic compounds which are taken through raspberry, cranberry and blackberry extracts. These chemical compounds give your berries their classic tangy flavor and fruitful and scent.

These ketones, though, are scarcely available naturally. It takes about a kilogram of raspberries to be able to produce 1-4mg of extracts.

Because of the increasing demand of these products in the market (perfumery, cosmetic and culinary fields), main manufacturers tried to find means to produce synthetic ketones with the aid of chemical adjuncts.

The Controversial Benefit

Lose weight without any effort at all. That’s probably what you will hear ads about raspberry ketones.

Published studies showed that raspberry ketones are essential chemical compounds if you want to lose the extra pounds.

According to these studies, the compounds mimic the capabilities of epinephrine (a catecholamine associated with various bodily changes; usually puts the body at a hyped-up state). They increase metabolism and initiate fat lipolysis.

Though anecdotal reports say that raspberry ketones can bring wonders to weight management, there are no clinical trial supporting human weight management and usage of raspberry ketones.

Studies concerning these chemicals were done among rodents, and yes results were found to be significant. Rodents fed with high-fat diets were able to prevent weight gain and fat accumulation by 2%.

All these were attributed to the ability of these ketones to break down fat and speed up metabolism. This, though, is among rodents. Among humans, subject to usage of raspberry ketones isn’t done yet.

There are similar genomes between mice and humans, making mice the perfect substitutes to human experimental studies. This, however, isn’t conclusive and may still vary depending on environmental condition.

As such, the safety of these chemicals on humans is not assured. But human trials on raspberry ketones provide a new venue for research. As of the moment, there are ongoing studies trying to figure out possible human relationships without undue side effects.

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Green Coffee Bean: What Can Green Offer

green coffee beansHow beneficial can green get? Not only is green the color of plush meadows and healthy harvests, it is a therapeutic hue as well. In cosmetics, green is the color of coffee beans that offer both caffeinated satisfaction at the expense of your belly fats. How cool can that be?

The market is currently plugging the use of green coffee beans as an alternative to many commercial weight control methods. Green coffee is marketed as your healthy morning partner.

And, amazingly, people do get results. Before anything else, though, what do you know about these beans? Do they really exist? Or the market is just finding another fluke for consumers to get a bite of?

Green Coffee Beans

Existing since the ancient times, green coffee beans acted as substitutes to the expensive teas that were shipped across seas from the Orient.

The Arabian area nearing the Red Sea started the tradition of green coffee bean brewing around 1100 A.D.

It was in these periods that roasting isn’t an established methods yet. Brewing, at this point in time, is the only feasible option to make flavored drinks off these beans.

Green Coffee, then, is the product of fresh, unroasted coffee beans brewed and served. This ancient Arabic coffee is, up to this time, still a part of traditional coffee making in most areas in Saudi Arabia.

Green VS Brown Coffee Beans

Green coffee beans are unroasted ones while deep-brown ones are those which undergone the process of roasting.

Originally, coffee beans are bright cherry red in nature. When these beans are processed, roasted and brewed, they give off the usual caffeinated aroma and taste you will usually enjoy from your usual coffee shops.

Green coffee, on the other hand, is more concentrated. The making of it skips the roasting part. What it offers you is a lighter caffeinated version of your favorite mug of coffee.

The Perks

Why did it make a big hit in the market? Green coffee has been found to be helpful in clients wanting to shed off extra fats.

The coffee, itself, is jammed with high levels of antioxidants that boost your natural metabolic rate and get rid of free radicals which can actually and potentially harm your cells.

Furthermore, researches have shown that extracts from green coffee beans inhibit the release of G6P chemicals in clients with Diabetes. As such, it is associated with stabilization of blood sugar levels.

Added benefits include prevention of lifestyle disorders such as hypertension and cancer.

The Purchase

If you are interested to buy products made of green coffee beans, the market offers a wide variety of sources for you to choose from.

The web, still, remains to be the fastest and most interactive way to ensure a purchase. Remember, though, to keep keen. Some websites might not be as helpful as they may seem.

Offline scouring includes cosmetic shops, pharmacies and grocery stores. Dietary or food supplement stalls can also offer you these products at an acceptable price range.


Electronic Cigarette Flavors

It was just recently that electronic cigarettes became a popular word among people who loves to smoke and those who wish to quit smoking. What made this device popular is due to the idea that it can help in the cessation of smoking of addicted smokers.

The electronic cigarette is considered good to be used for those who wish to quit smoking since it does not contain the harmful and carcinogenic chemicals that are normally found in a tobacco cigarette stick.

However, the idea of having this electronic cigarette around is not convincing to many people and that its health effects are subject to debates.

Flavors of Electronic Cigarettes Attract the Children and Teens

electronic cigarette flavorsOne feature of electronic cigarettes is that the smoke that you get to inhale and exhale could contain flavors.

These flavors are being advertised and used by the smokers because it can help in the elimination and smell of a tobacco and enhancing the fruit flavor of the smoke and stench that could stay in your mouth until you decide to brush your teeth.

It can also help eliminate the bad smell of tobacco that you leave in a place after you smoke there. Most of these flavors of that those who produce electronic cigarette come in fruity flavors such as strawberry, watermelon, mint and many more.

A lot of parents are actually worried with the idea that since the electronic cigarette features fruity flavors that may attract children and teens to use them.

It scares them that this may commence an addiction no to only the use of electronic cigarette in their young children, but it may also start an addiction to the real tobacco smoking itself.

Reason for the Flavors

It is apparent for most of the population that electronic cigarettes were made for smokers to start smoking that has nicotine in it.

Thus the makers of this technology had tried to find ways to mimic smoking without the use of nicotine and replace it with other types of smell and flavors.

But one easy way to do this is by mixing the liquid with a flavor so that these smokers will not only smoke water vapor. And the easiest flavors to mix with liquid are the fruity flavors thus creating these flavored electronic cigarettes.

Therefore, it was not intentionally done to have these flavors around.

With regards to the children and teens, it would be quite difficult for them to procure their own electronic cigarette by themselves. Just like the normal tobacco, the electronic cigarette can only be purchased by people who are of legal age. Even if a child would like to purchase this item over the internet he/she is still required to have his/her own credit card to finalize buying the item.

Thus for children and teens, they are not able to easily acquire this product. But if they do, the prize for each device is quite high that children who belong in the normal financial bracket will not be able to afford it.

Top Male Enhancement Pills

A lot of men have problems with their sexual lives as they grow older. Probably all these problems could be attributed to being stressed with their work and no time for romance and fun in the bed.

Good thing that there are now ways to address this problem and those men could finally enjoy their sexual lives again with their partner.

Thank you to research and technology, there are now a lot of ways to increase the sexual function and satisfaction of men.

One male enhancement product that men like to use is the male enhancement pill.

These male enhancement pills were created to address the problem of men when it comes to sexual dysfunction such as problems with erection and ejaculation, low sex drive, decreased sexual strength and stamina, anxiety and fear when it comes to unfulfilled delivery of sexual satisfaction, stress and fear experienced due to a smaller-sized penis and loss of libido or decrease in the desire of involving in sexual activities.

How can you get rid of these problems?

Well the answer is really simple. A lot of male enhancement pills out there that can address these problems and improve the sexual life and over-all lifestyle of a man when it comes to the relationship that he had with his woman.

  • Xzen Platinum Male Enhancement Pills

Xzen Platinum Male Enhancement PillsOne of the considered top male enhancement pill is the product called Xzen Platinum. This product aims to target the problems when it comes to sexual dysfunction.

After using this product, one will be able to increase his sexual stamina, increase in the time and duration of sexual activity and also have an increased effect on the penis size.

Aside from these promising effects, it also improves the ejaculation and intensity of orgasm that a man experiences thus resulting in an over-all great sexual satisfaction effect.

The pills originally cost $300 but it has recently been discounted to $140 so that a lot of men can enjoy the benefits that this pill can give.

  • Virility Pills RX Penis Enhancement Pills

Another great male enhancement pill on the list would be the Virility Pills RX. One good thing about this product is that they give you free samples before you can purchase the entire set.

This product will make your penis be more firm and stronger during a sexual intercourse, it will increase your stamina and it will give you both you and your partner sexual pleasure during the whole sexual activity.

Using this product is like hitting two birds with one stone. Selling price of the product is at $60 only!

  • Vitalikor Male Enhancement Pills

Third on the list would be Vitalikor. This product will be able to create harder and stronger erections, longer sexual duration time and increase in sexual drive or libido.

What makes this product more attractive to men is that it is fast acting and that you can take it prior to activity. For only $50, you can enjoy the many benefits that this product can offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Penis Extenders

For a lot of men, size really matters most especially when it comes to their penis size.

Even if they don’t compare it with their peers and colleagues, it is mentally noted that if you have a larger penis size and length than the normal population, you are superior over them and that you can easily give sexual pleasure to your wife or sexual partner.

However, not all men are gifted with a penis size that is comfortable for them to have. Some of them have shorter penis size than the usual.

Some of them already have an ample penis length but still want it to be bigger. In the past, the most reasonable solution to this problem would be through surgery.

But with the advancement of technology and research nowadays, a man no longer needs to undergo this invasive procedure since there are many devices that can actually aid in the increase of a man’s penis length.

Penile Enhancement CreamsOn the list we have penis extender devices, enhancement creams and enhancement pills. But among the mentioned techniques, the penis extender devices are the ones that have actual promising results compared to the other two.

But despite the boom of these penis extender devices, a lot of men are still questioning the efficacy of this device.

They have a lot of questions in mind that needed to be answered before they can result to this type of penile enhancement device. So below are the frequently asked questions or FAQs with regards to penile enhancement devices.

Do these penis extenders really work?

Just as what was mentioned earlier in this article, this is the only penile extender technique that has reassuring results.

So yes, these penis extenders do really work because if it doesn’t, then it should not be allowed to be marketed in the first place.

Currently, there are over three hundred thousands of units sold and more or less the same number of happy customers who were satisfied with the results.

For how long does one need to wear the penis extenders before the results become obvious?

For most products, the manufacturers recommend that the penis extenders be worn at least 4-6 hours a day for 3-4 months.

Indeed this product needs a lot of cooperation from the user for it to really work.

So if you can be that responsible enough to always remember that you have to wear the penis extender device, then you will be guaranteed to have 2-3 inches additional length on your penis.

Can I wear my penis extender while at work or during sleep?

The penis extenders are best worn during non-physical activity and should be inside non-fitting boxer shorts.

Thus if your work entails you to just sit down the whole day, yes you can wear this.

You can even wear it during sleep but just make sure that you don’t twist and turn too much during sleep cause this may disturb you a lot and will prevent you from getting your good night sleep.

Raspberry: The Wonders Within

raspberry ketoneYou might have heard all about raspberry ketones. Well, they are the ‘In-trends’ in the market these days. They are, basically, the latest plugs many ads are ranting about.

What can they offer exactly? For the information of everybody, they promise to remedy one of the most common cosmetic issues in whole wide world – weight gain!

The massive synthetic production of raspberry ketones started when the market changed its gears towards the development of natural ways to resolve extra pounds. This time, it wouldn’t include the tiring gym hours. And here’s what’s all about it.

The Science Behind the Popularity

Miracle in a sing bottle – that’s probably how many consumers see raspberry ketones. Though they were marketed since the 1960’s, it wasn’t until these recent years that it had gained so much popularity among many individuals.

You can probably say it’s all about the trend and lifestyle. After all, consumers nowadays seek the healthiest, most non-invasive and naturally occurring cosmetic procedure available.

The aromatic compounds that give your favorite purplish raspberries their signature taste and aroma are credited to the presence of ketones.

It is a naturally-occurring compound that is particularly difficult to obtain in its pure state.

Since massive production of these compounds isn’t possible with pure extracts alone, manufacturing companies devised ways to synthetically produce the compounds through chemical intermediates.

The Perks it Offers

Traditionally, these ketones were used for culinary and perfumery purposes. In the food industry, it is considered as one of the most expensive food additives available in the market.

A kilogram of these ketones would usually cost around $20, 000.

In cosmetics, raspberry ketones are also used as dietary supplements to adjunct weight loss programs. According to studies, raspberry ketones are highly associated with fat breakdown and prevention of fat accumulation in the body.

There aren’t much associated clinical trials available linking these ketones with human lipolysis (fat breakdown), though.

However, according to many related studies (involving rat subjects), raspberry ketones do prevent weight and fat accumulation by 2% even with a high-fat diet. More so, its epinephrine-like capability is associated with an increase in fat dissolution.

From the Experts’ Point of View

Anecdotal reports support weight management using raspberry ketones. However, experts do not entirely acknowledge this benefit though it presents a viable hypothesis for further studies.

These products are marketed under the Food and Drug Administration but they are not thoroughly regulated. Since they still fall under the cosmetic category of FDA, they are not approved for release as a therapeutic regimen.

Rather, they are marketed as supplements without any proven and tested benefits. Additionally, there is no specific dosing or standard stock production of these merchandises.

They may be produced by manufacturer’s preference. As such, overdosing or under-dosing is poorly controlled.

Raspberry ketones might bring answers to your weight management issues. But they aren’t entirely pros. Before you cater the thought of usage, make sure the purchase is the right decision to make. If you are ever doubtful, do consult your doctor.

Misconceptions on Electronic Cigarette

A few years ago, electronic cigarettes become popular all over the world because it had the hopes of providing help in smoking cessation among many addicted users.

e-cigThese electronic cigarettes work by creating a vapor out of a liquid media that do not contain nicotine. There are those types of addicted to smoking just because of the habit they put something in their mouth and puff it to produce smoke.

Most of addicted smokers have this problem. Thus the electronic cigarettes would like to provide help to these addicts so that they could still continue and mimic cigarette smoking but minus the smoke hazards and nicotine addiction.

With this in mind, there are now many electronic cigarette products that are being sold in the market. They even come in different forms and styles and are produced by different companies.

However, each device costs a bit much but despite the price, the health benefits that one may get are quite high.

However, despite promoting the health benefits that one may get from using this, there are still a lot of problems and questions that the general population keeps on asking.

Electronic Cigarettes are Carcinogenic

Despite being beneficial to the health of addicted smokers, there are still people who doubt and fear the use of electronic cigarette because of the idea that it may be more carcinogenic than the usual cigarette smoke.

First of all, the tobacco contains approximately 300 carcinogens therefore this is the reason why those who smoke for at least one pack per day for 10 years have a higher chance of getting lung cancer.

And second, electronic cigarette was made to get rid of these carcinogens that are found in tobacco to prevent lung cancer from developing in the future.

If you are not yet convinced, well the FDA (Food and Drug Agency) has already tested the cartridges that contained the liquid and flavor found in an electronic cigarette.

They were able to find traces of carcinogenic chemicals but this is nothing when compared to 300 carcinogens found in tobacco sticks.

With the approval of the FDA, it can be concluded that electronic cigarettes are safe to use. The FDA did not approve the use of tobacco sticks thus one should more likely stay away from using these deadly sticks.

Electronic Cigarettes are More Addictive

The chemical responsible for the addictive effects of electronic cigarette would be nicotine and as we all know that this has been removed in the formulation of the electronic cigarette flavored cartridges.

This is also the reason why some people who are extensively addicted to smoking would not be satisfied in using electronic cigarettes in the first place because they claim that the feeling is not the same as a real tobacco stick.

But if you are one of those who are truly willing to quit smoking and enjoy the benefits of a nicotine-free body, then you would continue using electronic cigarette to help you in your problem and enjoy a longer life ahead of you.

Green Coffee Bean: A Greener Way to Lose Weight

Most often than not, you will find yourself mooning over the herbal and alternative ways to get rid of the extra inches on your waist.

But there’s more to green than just the typical and natural ways to lose fat. At the peak of cosmetic hype, green by caffeine is what the market offers.

The Reality

Who wouldn’t to lose weight? Who wouldn’t want to shed the extra pounds in the most acceptable, humane and natural ways possible?

As the market offers commercial and medical treatments to tone down size and weight, consumers find themselves questioning whether the benefits of these options outweigh their relative side effects in the near future.

As such, cosmetic industries geared their production towards meeting the demand for natural remedies to get rid of fats. Green coffee is among the studied breakthroughs.

Though it is currently under continuous study, it has been proven to deliver adequate results among many consumers.

What are Green Coffee Beans?

coffee beansHave you ever seen fresh coffee beans? Upon harvest, coffee beans are cherry-red in color. They turn to their crisp brown color when brewed. However, when soaked and brewed directly, they offer you a mug of green coffee – one which is rather concentrated in nature.

While many find themselves enticed with the taste and aroma of a daring mug of black coffee, some couldn’t stand the sting and strength. Green coffee beans offer consumers a lighter alternative to dark coffee but a little stronger substitute for a regular tea.

How did it come to be?

Green coffee wasn’t exactly a planned recipe for everyone to taste. It just so happen that in 1100 A.D., there isn’t much about brewing to tell. Tea is an expensive merchandise which needs to be shipped from countries of the Orient.

Since not everyone is capable to make the purchase, ancient Arabs brewed coffee beans as an alternative. And viola – green tea was born.

FYI: Preparations for green coffee are still a part of Arabian traditions in many areas within the said country up to this time.

What makes it so beneficial?

Unlike your regular black coffee, green coffee is rich in chlorogenic acid (a type of acid which is associated with regulation of blood sugar levels, decreasing carbohydrate absorption, increasing metabolism and preventing fat accumulation within the body).

Technically, this compound is what makes green coffee a perfect weight loss partner.
Black coffee, on the other hand, is rich in antioxidants (compounds which rid your body of unwanted toxins in the form of free radicals).

The principle is, as the beans are roasted, antioxidant levels increase while chlorogenic acid decreases. If beans stay as is and brewed alone, they retain their fat losing capabilities at the cost of them being free radicals busters.

What do experts say about it?

They may or may not work. Consumers respond individually to various situations and its efficiency is still non-conclusive. Although there are published studies concerning the topic, there is still no clear evidence associating green coffee and weight loss.

Benefits of Male Enhancement Creams

One of the recent advancements in research and technology that made men go crazy over it is the male enhancement products.

These male enhancement products do not only provide improved sexual satisfaction for men, it also gives them extra inches on their penis length.

Since a lot of men are truly concerned with their penis size and length, they really wanted to try these product and see for themselves if this is true.

Benefits of Male Enhancement Products

These male enhancement products have a lot of benefits when it comes to sexual function and satisfaction. It will be able to treat erection and ejaculation problems.

It can also help in the increase in the sexual drive and libido of a person. It reduces fear and anxiety that one experiences when he is not able to deliver sexual satisfaction to his partner.

And lastly, it can increase the penis length by an inch or so. With all these benefits, truly a man would want to use these male enhancement products.

Male Enhancement Creams

Male Enhancement CreamsOne male enhancement product that has gained its name over the world is the male enhancement cream.

Most of them have the same effect with the male enhancement pill but what makes them a preferred male enhancement product over the others is that it is easily applied and the effect is direct thus no side effects could be experienced.

How do these male enhancement creams work?

What make the penis erect is due to the blood vessels found on this area. When blood rushes to this area, it will definitely help in the erection and hardness of the penis.

Most of the erectile dysfunction problems are due to inability of the blood vessels to dilate and contain blood.

Other problems would be that the blood vessels cannot contain blood for a long time thus sexual stamina is decreased.

What these male enhancement creams do is to improve the capability of the blood vessels of the penis to help in the stamina and the duration of the penis being erect during sexual activity.

What is the end result of using these male enhancement creams?

The over-all result when using these male enhancement creams would truly target your problems when it comes to sexual dysfunction and sexual satisfaction.

Thus when you use this cream, it will definitely help in the increase in the firmness and strength of your penis during erection and sexual activity.

Aside from that, it will also boost your libido and sexual stamina thus when you partner wishes to have sex with you, you can easily be persuaded and won’t experience problems when it comes to failure of erection.

It can also help in boosting your sexual performance even without the putting much effort. And lastly it will also aid in the increase of your penis length with a few inches.

So what are you waiting for? If you have sexual problems, then it is best to start using male enhancement creams now and enjoy the benefits that it can provide you.

Lifestyle Benefits of Penis Extenders

A lot of men care about the size of their penis even if they do not admit it. For most men (or even the girls would also have to agree on this), the longer the length of your penis, the better performance that you can have while on the bed.

However, not all men can reach the average normal penis length thus they want it to be increased. For some, they are not yet satisfied with their penis size thus despite the length being longer than the general population, they still want it increased.

According to a study by the urologist of the Royal Hallemshire Hospital and St. James Hospital both based in England, more than 45% of men are not satisfied with their penis size and that they want it to be bigger.

But according to these urologists, they usually do not entertain men who wish to have their penis length increase because the normal penis size when erect is approximately 6.2 inches in length and 5.1 inches in circumference.

Most men are already in this range. Micro penises (only 2.75 inches when erect) are a rare phenomenon among men. But despite this data, a lot of men still want their penis to be lengthier.

Therefore, urologists started to address this issue regarding men since a lot really want to undergo such enhancement.

According to these doctors, penis extender devices are the only medically approved penis enlarger technique.

Creams and pills do not actually help in increasing the penis length of a person. Aside from increasing your penis size, these penis extenders also have a lot of benefits.

Improved Sexual Function and Satisfaction

penis extender deviceThe improvement of sexual function and satisfaction among those who wish to use these penis extender devices is probably the main goal of such choice.

Indeed, men who have enjoyed the effects and benefits of using penis extender devices have better sexual life compared to those who are still hoping for an increase.

Their sexual partners are also able to enjoy the benefit that was given to their partners.

Thus if you think that you are not giving sexual satisfaction to your wife, girlfriend or sexual partner, then this probably would be the best thing that you could do to have a better sexual life.

Boost Self-Confidence

Another reason why a lot of men wish to increase their penis length is because they want to be superior to their colleagues or peers.

Men who believe that they have a longer penis length than the general population become less insecure with themselves. Thus increasing your penis length could definitely improve your self-esteem.

Reduces Stress

By using these penis extender devices and eventually increases the penile length of a man could also reduce the stress that a person is having.

Since men now believe they can be better in bed and are better than their peers, they can be now more proud of themselves and feel less stress when it comes to being better in their sexual lives.